This is how we assist
Recruitment Agencies

Partner Your Agency with Northern Partners

As an agency, you want to focus on your core business: Finding candidates to your clients. Northern Partners help you do exactly that.

By handling all administrative and legal matters before, during, and after an assignment, we are your partner, when placing candidates to Nordic companies.

Our Professional Employment Solutions are tailor-made for recruitment agencies, and they eliminate any uncertainties and risks of non-compliance. 

Once you have secured an assignment, we take over and manage all the administrative tasks, relieving you of headaches and liabilities along the way.


Why Cooperate with Northern Partners?

1: Access Local Expertise

With our extensive knowledge of Nordic labor regulations and compliance, we handle and understand the local administrative complexities. Your agency can safely present candidates for projects in the Nordics, knowing that all aspects of the employment are safely managed by us.

2: Professional Client Service

We are aware that every minute counts. Our team is highly focused on responding to your requests promptly and correctly, addressing any challenges expediently.

3: Build Trust and Confidence

By means of direct contact to your candidates, we build a relationship based on trust, in which both you and your end-client can feel confident in our cooperation.

Connect with us

Are you looking for a compliance partner? Feel free to reach out and together we can find the best solution for you.