This is how we assist
International Consultants

Simplify Nordic Employment with Northern Partners

You can focus on your assignment – we take care of the rest. Our Professional Employment Solutions are designed for you, as an international consultant, when working in the Nordics. We provide all the guidance you need and ensure that you are 100 % compliant during your stay. There is no need to familiarize yourself with the local rules and regulations – that is our job.

Why Cooperate with Northern Partners?

1: Navigate Nordic Complexity

When working in a new country, you will face unfamiliar working conditions. That is where we step in. We specialize in simplifying Nordic employment, ensuring your compliance with local regulations, and providing administrative support for payroll, tax, and benefits.

2: Comprehensive Consultant Assistance

Our team of experts is dedicated to offering you comprehensive assistance, from securing a work permit, to complying with taxation rules, and ensuring social health coverage. Do not worry about administrative headaches and pitfalls. We take care of them for you – and together with you.

3: Individual Employment Setup

We review your situation and based on current regulations, we put together the best possible employment solution – which also gives you the best possible take-home.

These are your benefits

1: Easy Payroll and Legal

You will be onboarded in our digital portal, NP Connect, where your contracts, payslips, and legal documents will be uploaded in a timely manner. We store all your legal documents in accordance with GDPR regulations.

2: Local Compliance with Less Effort

We ensure that you are 100 % compliant every step of the way, leaving you with no headache caused by local complexities.

3: Maximized Retention Rate

We ensure that your tax setup and payslips are optimized, so that the best possible retention rate is achieved, based on the circumstances of your employment.

Connect with us

If you are an active consultant coming through one of our partnering recruitment agencies, feel free to reach out to us for guidance on compliance or practicalities.